The Lizard Pastures and The Oxford, have been cared for by a succession of Charitable Foundations for over 200 years.

The Lizard Charity’s written documents go back to 1816, and make references to the Lord Chancellor, in 1724, making a decree about who had the right to pasture on The Lizard. The record of this decree indicates that the trust was already in existence at a much earlier period, indeed, ‘before the memory of man.’

Our present-day remit is the Charity Commission’s scheme which was consolidated and approved in 1954, that:

The Trustees may permit the land known as The Lizard Pastures to be used for the general benefit and enjoyment of the inhabitants of the Parish of Wymondham as a public recreation ground or otherwise as the Trustees see fit.

In 2016, the Trustees agreed a Mission Statement:

“The Lizard Charity manages The Lizard Pastures as a piece of informal, natural countryside for the general benefit and enjoyment of the people of Wymondham.”