Use Of The Land

Use of Lizard Charity Land

The Lizard Trustees are required to manage The Lizard for the benefit of the people of Wymondham. As such, they are required to ensure that the land is kept in good order, safe and accessible to the wider community.


Apart from powered mobility aids. and the use of designated parking areas, motorised vehicles are not permitted on land managed by The Lizard Charity at any time, without express permission from the Trustees.


A bridlepath runs across the 9 Acres between Lizard Lane and Browick Road. Apart from using this path, horses should not access Lizard Land.

Parking On The Lizard 

The land running alongside The Lizard road, between the railway arch and the black gate has been used for parking of both residents’ and visitors’ cars over the years, and the Trustees are happy for this to continue providing cars are taxed, insured and kept in roadworthy condition, capable of daily use, and that any parking is at the vehicle owners risk.

An area has been provided near the black gate for a turning circle (although this is commonly used for parking) The Lizard Walks car park has also been established to the west of the railway arch, adjacent to the car wash, and is intended for visitors to The Lizard.

Untaxed (or ‘SORNed’) cars, or caravans kept on any of the land managed by The Lizard Charity are only permitted in exceptional circumstances, with express written permission from the Trustees.  

Skips, Builders’ Materials & Household Waste Bins 

As the majority of The Lizard land has been designated a conservation area, The Lizard Charity trustees are keen to preserve the appearance of the area, whilst supporting residents in their daily lives.

There are a handful of houses that, because they have no available private land, are permitted to keep their bins on The Lizard land.

Similarly, if residents need to temporarily store builders’ materials and/or a skip, permission will need to be sought from the Trustees.

Disposal Of Garden Waste 

Green garden waste should not be disposed of on The Lizard land, as this will smother the native flora and potentially spread unwanted plants. Brown bins are available from South Norfolk Council for disposal of domestic garden waste.

Use of Lizard Charity Land By Individuals, Businesses, Contractors & Other Organisations  

The Lizard Charity Land is not to be used by anyone or any Business, Contractor or other Organisation for commercial benefit or other beneficial use not in the direct interest of the Land or permitted users and uses of it, without express prior permission from the Trustees.

Such uses include, but are not limited to: building works; works and/or services installations involving the crossing of The Lizard Charity Land to access other sites (whether on, under, or over the land); selling of goods or services; professional dog-walking; tethering or enclosure of livestock; camping; harvesting of flora such as holly or other vegetation (whether renewable or not); and storage of materials or equipment (whether temporary or otherwise). If in any doubt, please contact the Clerk for clarification.

Applications for use of The Lizard Charity Land for commercial or other beneficial use by Individuals, Businesses, Contractors or other Organisations must be made in writing to the Trustees, via the Clerk, at least four calendar months in advance of the intended use.

Permission may not be granted, and the Trustees are not obliged to provide any reasons for refusal. 

Any such permissions that are granted by the Trustees may be subject to legal wayleaves and/or easements for which all expenses and legal costs must be borne by the applicant, and compensation payments agreed and made prior to any works commencing.

Air Weapons and Firearms

Air weapons shoot projectiles using compressed air or gas and include BB guns, pellet guns and airsoft guns (used in airsoft sports). Certain air weapons are classed as firearms. The use of air weapons or any type of firearms is not permitted on Lizard Charity Land and instances of such use will be reported to the Police.

Requests for Memorials etc

As the Trustees are required to manage The Lizard for the benefit of all the people of Wymondham, they are unable to permit the location of memorial plaques, benches etc or any other form of personalisation.