What & Where

The Lizard Pastures & The Oxford

The Lizard Pastures consists of the open land stretching from Station Road, opposite the Railway Public House, all the way through to the A11. The land is divided into three distinct areas:

  • A strip of land (nearly 1 acre) running alongside The Lizard road, from opposite the Railway pub to the railway arch including The Lizard Walks Car Park, leading to…
  • A wider strip of land (nearly 3 acres) running from the railway arch, alongside the whole length of the rest of The Lizard road, leading to…
  • The main Lizard Pastures, accessed through a black gate (approximately 9 acres), running down to the A11 road.

The main meadow is the 9 Acres, and together with approximately half of the 3-acres, are part of The Lizard and Wades Pit County Wildlife Site and are managed by the Trustees with advice from Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

The Oxford, is an area of approximately 32 acres, lying to the east of The Lizard Pastures from which it is now separated by the A11 road. It is divided into three fields and is bounded by the Silfield Nature Reserve to the west, the disused Wymondham to Forncett railway line to the north, open fields to the east and Rightup Lane to the South.

The Oxford, provides financial income to allow The Lizard Charity to maintain The Lizard Pastures. The Oxford is currently under a Mid-tier stewardship scheme, and plans are in place to open it to the public more permanently.